Coaching & Difference between
Coaching and Therapy

What I Do as a Holistic Coach

In my role as a holistic coach, I focus on activating the intrinsic potential of each individual, transforming internal resources into dynamic tools for achieving tangible goals. This process is personalized: together, we identify specific milestones and build a detailed action plan, outlining step by step how to reach them.

Every individual is endowed with a unique supply of resources and strengths.

In our journey together, these resources will transform into practical skills to use every day. The small victories and inevitable failures will be opportunities to learn and perfect one’s techniques, making the process not just a challenge, but also an exciting adventure.

Regardless of the nature of the goal – whether it’s losing weight, quitting smoking, managing bulimic episodes, getting back in shape, or reconnecting with oneself,
The method we adopt will be tailored to you.
We will use creativity as an ally, shaping each tool so that it reflects your personality and your needs.

Coaching Vs Therapy

The distinction between coaching and therapy is substantial and fundamental in defining my approach to well-being.

Traditional Therapy focuses on healing, working on the deep-rooted causes of psychological discomfort, often anchored in an individual’s past. Therapists are qualified professionals for treating clinical conditions and disorders, using specific methodologies to help patients recover.

Coaching, on the other hand, is future-oriented.

As a coach, my task is to inspire and motivate, to help define and achieve personal or professional goals. I don’t dwell on past wounds, however present they may be, but rather on how you can leverage your current abilities to create the future you desire.

In our work together, I will use action-oriented and positive change techniques, aiming to make you self-sufficient and resilient.

Coaching is a collaborative process: I will guide you in exploring your potential, identifying obstacles, finding creative solutions, and implementing effective strategies. I will be your ally, but the true power of change lies in your hands.

Ultimately, while therapy may delve into the roots of deep psychological problems, coaching is a bridge towards achieving holistic well-being, where mind, body, and spirit work in unison to reach a harmony that reflects in every aspect of life. Through coaching, you will learn to use your strengths in ways you might never have considered, transforming each challenge into an opportunity for growth and prosperity.

why I am unique

HoloBody vs Generic Health Coach


My Uniqueness as a HoloBody Coach

As a HoloBody Coach, my uniqueness lies in an approach that not only stands out in the field of health coaching in Italy but also represents a novelty in personal well-being. I am among the first professionals in my country, and certainly the only one in Rome, to use and promote a method that addresses the well-being of the individual in such a complex and integrated manner.

In all of Italy, HoloBody Coaches can be counted on one hand, and this not only reflects the exclusivity and innovation of the path but also underscores the importance of a personalized approach deeply rooted in the individuality of each client. My journey as a HoloBody Coach was born from the integration of a wide range of skills. Every aspect of my professional training contributes to creating a unique and multidimensional coaching experience.

Therefore, I don’t limit myself to a generic improvement of physical well-being or a superficial intervention on the symptoms of a suboptimal lifestyle. Instead, I aim for a holistic transformation that considers every aspect of being: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Working together, we will go beyond the mere application of general health principles. We will immerse ourselves in a transformative process that respects and values your uniqueness.

it’s time to choose yourself.

Why Choose the HoloBody Approach?

The HoloBody approach is distinguished by its ability to deeply connect with the person as a whole.

For this reason, my role as a HoloBody Coach goes beyond traditional health coaching, thanks also to an element of deep empathic understanding that teaches you the ability to listen and interpret the messages that the body emits. This continuous dialogue with one’s being, called “Body Talk,” is a technique that I develop and refine week after week with my clients.

Body Talk” is not just an aspect of this particular coaching; it is a true journey of discovery into how our body constantly communicates with us and how we can learn to communicate with it.

Knowing this “language” means opening up to a level of awareness that most people do not realize they can achieve. Week after week, “Body Talk” will guide you in a process of self-discovery, allowing you to listen and, more importantly, to understand and respect the needs of your body.

The uniqueness of this approach lies not only in listening but also in responding and active dialogue.

It is an invitation to let the body have a say in daily choices and major life decisions.

A learning process that emancipates, making the client more aware and in control of their well-being, rather than passively dependent on external advice.

Choosing HoloBody, therefore, means embarking on a path towards conscious well-being, a lifestyle that fully embraces the complexity of the human being, respecting every facet of the individual experience.