Holobody, a unique journey where health intertwines with the art of living, and where every aspect of your being is valued.

HoloBody is a philosophy of life, it’s that space for yourself between two parentheses, where only you exist. It’s an approach that goes beyond simple nutrition and physical activity, to understand, in the complexity of modern existence, the totality of your being. Because it considers the body not just as a physical machine, but as a complex system where mind, emotions, and spirit coexist.

We will focus on nutrients, movement, sleep, inner calm, deep connections, synchrony with nature, and life purpose, integrating these dimensions for a profound and authentic transformation.

Nice to meet you, Sylvie Renault!

My mission is to guide you through a journey of personal transformation that starts with the body and embraces every facet of daily life.

In this adventure, we are not alone: our bodies speak, and I am here to help you decipher their messages, to tune in with their innate and intimate wisdom. With more than two decades of experience in communication, I have developed a unique sensitivity in recognizing and valuing the complexity of the human message, whether it’s expressed through an image, a word, an unspoken word, an emotion, or a simple gesture. Every nuance of life can be transformed into health and harmony, and I will guide you in doing so with intuition and creativity! I invite you to discover not only the services I offer but also the philosophy underlying my work, a harmonious synthesis of professional skills and passion for well-being in all its aspects.

In every breath, word, and dish I create, there is a part of me, my story.
I am Sylvie, a soul traveling through art, writing, and cooking, illuminating every step with love and creativity.

Welcome to My World

I Am Art and Word – My art and my words are dialogues with the soul, offering refuge and inspiration.
I Am Nourishment and Commitment – My cooking celebrates life, while my commitment to the causes I support is unwavering.
I Am Guide – Through coaching, I become a bridge to growth and personal fulfillment.

This is just the beginning of a journey rich in color, taste, and growth. Discover more and join me in the dance of life.

Why Holobody?


As I have already said, talking about Holobody means opening a window onto a world where “Holistic Body” is not just a term, but a philosophy of life. The holistic vision I promote is an invitation to consider every aspect of existence not in isolation, but as part of a single grand design where body, mind, and spirit converse in dynamic equilibrium.

Think of music: it’s not made just of individual notes, but of the way these notes come together to create harmony and melody. In the same way, in the holistic vision, nutrition, movement, rest, relationships, and environment intertwine to create a symphony of well-being.

And this symphony is found in every aspect of life.

The same attention to detail that I put into designing an image or composing a story, I apply to health and coaching. Concept Design thus becomes a cross-cutting tool that brings beauty and meaning both in a work of art and in everyday life.

Therefore, my holistic approach extends beyond health.

I apply it with the same passion in the artistic and professional field as well, where I integrate the various disciplines of visual and verbal communication. And like a modern alchemist, I blend these knowledges to create something unique and personal.

As a certified Health Coach, I transition from being a storyteller to a “bodyteller,” a professional capable of giving voice to bodies, accompanying each of you to discover and narrate your own story of health and wellness, in a journey that is as personal as it is universal.

Welcome to the world of Holobody, where, together with me, every aspect of your life can find listening, care, and development towards its full potential.


Nutrition and Macrobiotics

A journey of transformation through the unimaginable power of food. I will teach you to select and combine foods that not only nourish and protect the body but also harmonize the mind and spirit. Together we will discover recipes that balance vital energy and promote optimal health, following ancient wisdoms in a path of life for natural well-being and the joy of living.

Soft Addicted Person

I assist SAP – Soft Addicted Persons

– People who exhibit addictive behaviors towards smoking, sugar, alcohol, and food without being totally addicted –

In embracing their perfect imperfection and humanity, finding the strength to overcome their inclinations through personalized strategies to stop self-destructive habits, and guiding them with coaching oriented towards life, nutrition, and physical exercise.

Biohacking Anti-Aging

I guide you in discovering strategies to slow down the aging process and optimize health, exploring the latest frontiers of well-being through: the right hormonal balance, stress management, restorative sleep, and targeted physical activity. We will design a personalized program that integrates the most effective biohacking tactics to regenerate the body and refresh the mind, with your vital energy.

how I work


01. Individual Coaching

Through individual coaching, I will accompany you on a journey to discover your hidden potential, both in person and online. This path is the heart of my approach: personalized, intimate, and deeply transformative. Together, we will explore your aspirations and tackle challenges, step by step, to guide you towards achieving your goals. It’s your safe space to grow, learn, and fully blossom in your uniqueness.

02. Group Coaching

In group coaching sessions, you will experience the power of sharing and collective empathy. Personal experiences intertwine, becoming inspiration and strength for all. These sessions amplify mutual support and democratize access to coaching, building emotional and practical bridges among participants and fostering a sense of community and belonging. Together, we grow and elevate ourselves towards personal and collective fulfillment.

03. Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

I will guide you on a true culinary journey towards well-being. You will learn the basics of macrobiotic philosophy, the art of balancing foods, and cooking techniques that awaken the vital energy of food. I will share with you delicious recipes and practical tips for organizing your kitchen, turning every meal into a moment of nourishment for body, mind, and soul. This course is an invitation to celebrate the wisdom of nature through food, opening the door to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.
This is for you if you are not interested in coaching but want to learn about healthy cooking.

04. Corporate Groups

Offer your employees not just a wellness program, but a growth experience that will lead them to live a more balanced and satisfying life.

This investment in human capital will translate into tangible benefits for the entire organization.

HoloBody Corporate Groups can revolutionize wellness in your company. Contact us to discover together how we can bring health, happiness, and productivity to your workplace.


Every journey towards well-being, whether in the kitchen or through coaching, is designed around your unique goals or those of your group, without following fixed patterns, for deeply personal and tailor-made growth.

Is it time to change habits?

Start today on the path towards a balanced and fulfilling life. Contact me and together we will discover the tailored journey for you, to flourish in your most authentic and vital essence.