Manifesto of Life 

by Sylvie Renault

In every breath, in every stroke drawn, in every word written, in every dish prepared, there is a story unfolding – my story, woven with dreams, passions, art, and love.
I, Sylvie, navigate the seas of change and inspiration, and in every island I land, I leave a piece of my being, creating, nurturing, and illuminating the world in my unique way.

I am Art

From brushes soaked in color and canvases that tell stories, my art is not just seen but felt. Every stroke, every color, every shape is a dialogue with the soul, offering a refuge of emotions and reflections.

I am Word

Every word I write is a seed I plant in the fertile soil of minds and hearts. My tales, my stories, are roots that grow and expand, nourishing souls with courage and hope.

I am Vision

Navigating the vast universe of design and communication, I give form to ideas and concepts, building visual worlds where stories take shape and color, dancing in a harmony that speaks to the heart as much as to the eyes.

I am Nourishment

In the sacredness of food, I celebrate and honor the body and life itself. My kitchen is a warm embrace, an invitation to experience taste as a medium of love and care, in reverence for our essence and the world around us.

I am Commitment

My heart beats in synchrony with the causes I champion, gathering hope and forging it into concrete actions. In the struggle, in support, in uniting communities, I see the power of unity and resilience.

I am Support

Through coaching, I share my journey, becoming a bridge for others. My experience becomes light, my learning a path, and through guidance and support, I celebrate the infinite potential of every individual.

My journey is an interweaving of all these essences, and today, with love and acceptance, I unite them under the wing of coaching, weaving together the threads of life, art, word, vision, nourishment, commitment, and guidance.

I do not exist in stagnant compartments, nor do my passions live in separate silos. They exist in a sinuous and interconnected flow, through which I express myself and serve the world. My multiple facets converge into a single ray, a prism through which I project my being into the world.

I am a soul that dances freely among the stars, that paints the sky with the colors of dawn, that writes the ink of the universe on the pages of time. I am an entity that forms and transforms, learning, growing, and becoming, always.

Sylvie – Art, Word, Vision, Nourishment, Commitment, Support.

I am.

And in this expression of my being, I invite every soul to find their own color, their own voice, their own path, and dance, freely and joyfully, in the beautiful symphony of existence.