My Coaching Philosophy

My approach to coaching is based on the belief that well-being is a holistic journey that embraces the entirety of the human being: body, mind, and spirit. Each of us is like an open book, with a unique story to tell. The pages of our lives are written with our thoughts, our actions, and the daily choices that, collectively, determine our state of well-being. True health encompasses much more than just the absence of illness or perfect physical form. Health, in my ideal, is the dynamic harmony between body, mind, and spirit, and well-being manifests when these three elements dance together in balance.

Healing, Awareness, and Resilience

I firmly believe that every person has an innate capacity for transformation and healing and that, through coaching, they can learn to navigate life’s challenges with awareness and resilience. My role is to facilitate this process, offering tools and techniques that promote sustainable and profound well-being.

“my story”

From Training to Mission

My adventure in the world of coaching began following the diagnosis of juvenile idiopathic arthritis in my son. This pivotal event ignited in me a passionate search for alternative healing methods, leading me to La SanaGola in Milan where I discovered the power of healing macrobiotic cuisine. Direct experience confirmed my belief that true health begins at the table.

Why I Became a Coach

It was precisely my son’s transformation, thanks to the lifestyle and dietary practices I learned, that inspired me to become a coach. I wanted to share this life-saving knowledge with the world, to help others embark on paths of well-being and sculpt their healthiest and most joyful version of themselves. The desire to guide and support became my mission.

My Social Commitment

My commitment extends beyond individual coaching, touching the lives of broader communities. In 2014, I founded an association to support families dealing with my son’s rare disease, Cat Eye Syndrome (, and initiated free coaching support groups for patients with this illness, combining solidarity and professionalism for a cause that is close to my heart.

my journey

Year After Year


When My World Collapsed

After already three years of battles fought alongside my son, he was diagnosed with a rarity on top of rarity: juvenile idiopathic arthritis, a disease without a definitive cure. The doctors declared a genetic origin for his rare disease, even without any scientific evidence or relation, and decided for yet another treatment with massive drugs. I couldn’t accept it. Not this time. Genetics had nothing to do with it and I wanted to give both of us another chance. I studied, informed myself, and discovered that a cure does exist, even if not recognized by the scientific world.


The Year of Healing

I met Martin Hasley and brought my son to him. He had the calm and honest look of someone who knows what they’re talking about: Noel would heal within weeks.
It seemed impossible, too good to be true, but we had nothing to lose. I enrolled in the SanaGola school and earned a diploma in macrobiotic cooking. After a few weeks, my son, who had never walked before due to pain, stood up and took his first steps. After six months, the disease had completely regressed, even on an ultrasound level.


The Years of Resilience and Recovery

Locked in the house like everyone else, I decided to use the moment to do everything I never had time for due to work commitments. So, I finished my first novel “La Farfalla con gli Artigli” and enrolled in Mindvalley, where I began my journey of personal and spiritual growth by taking multiple courses. In 2022, I joined Holobody, initially more for myself than in search of a professional turn. I became passionate about the topic, participated as an artist at the Biohacker Summit 22 in Amsterdam, where I met Diego and Vishen in person and got to know Dr. Siim Land.


What an Incredible Year!!!

In six months, I achieved the Holistic Health Coach Certification, which definitively changed my life. I realized that this is my path, it always has been. I followed Dr. Siim Land‘s 5-week Biohacking Anti-Aging course. In July, Mindvalley welcomed me back into its arms with a full scholarship for the Coach Accelerator program. I became an ordinary member of the EMCC.

and the story continues…

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Fun Facts About Me

If I Were Not a Coach...

I would be a Painter, Writer, Concept Designer, Fashion Art Director, Storyteller, Web & Multimedia Designer, a Macrobiotic Chef, and a fabulous Mom! Oops… but I am also all of these things 🙂

My Favorite Band

Starting from the premise that I love music and listen to EVERYTHING, I have two great Italian and foreign passions: Daniele Silvestri & Mudimbi, Editors & Villa Lobos. Hey, I warned you that I listen to anything!

I Am Deeply Grateful...

To my family, who has always supported me. To my sister, my first cheerleader. To the universe, which never ceases to amaze me!

I Love Eating...

Actually, drinking… coffee, strictly black.

My Ideal Vacation

The choices are two: either lying on the beach in Sri Lanka, in front of the Polena coral reef… or skiing on the snowy peaks of the French Alps.

My Passions

There’s not a single thing in life that I do that isn’t something I’m deeply passionate about. My passions range from my work in communication to coaching, from playing the guitar to reading tarot cards, from writing novels to reading them, to sports! And then traveling, sharing my life with animals… did I mention being a Coach?