Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes the HoloBody method unique compared to other coaching approaches?

The HoloBody method is distinctive because it offers a holistic approach that considers the person in their entirety – mind, body, and spirit. Additionally, it employs specific techniques such as “Body Talk,” which help to create an internal dialogue to better understand and respond to the needs of one’s own body. In Italy, I am among the very few coaches specialized in this method, offering a deep and personalized coaching experience.

How can I know if HoloBody coaching is right for me?

If you desire profound change and have the willingness to explore and work on all aspects of your life, then HoloBody coaching is ideal for you. This path is designed for those who are ready to actively engage in their personal development and well-being.

What kind of goals can I achieve with HoloBody coaching?

With HoloBody coaching, you can work on a variety of goals, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. From improvements in diet and exercise to stress management and breaking harmful habits, this approach is personalized to help you achieve your specific targets.

How does coaching differ from a therapeutic journey?

While therapy often focuses on healing traumas and past issues, coaching is future-oriented and aimed at achieving concrete goals. It doesn’t replace therapy but can be a complement or a next step for those looking to apply the knowledge gained in therapy to their everyday life.

Can I attend group and individual sessions simultaneously?

Yes, it’s possible to combine both modes for a richer and more varied growth journey. Group sessions offer the opportunity to learn from others and share experiences, while individual sessions are completely tailored to your needs and personal journey.

What can I expect from the first coaching session?

The first session is an opportunity to get to know each other and establish your goals and expectations. We’ll discuss your current motivations and challenges and outline an initial personalized plan. It’s also the time to understand if there’s mutual synergy and if the HoloBody method meets your needs.

Is there any special preparation needed before starting coaching?

No specific preparation is necessary, but it’s important to approach coaching with an open mind and readiness to reflect on oneself and explore new strategies for your life. A proactive attitude and willingness to change are essential to get the most out of the coaching journey.

How long does a HoloBody coaching journey typically last?

The duration of the journey can vary depending on personal goals and the level of commitment. Generally, a HoloBody coaching path can last from a few months to a year, but this will be defined together based on your needs and progress.

Is it possible to have online coaching sessions?

Absolutely yes. I offer both in-person and online coaching sessions, to ensure flexibility and accessibility to anyone, regardless of location. Online sessions are just as effective and use technological tools to ensure an engaging and personal experience.

If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me. I am here to help you better understand how the HoloBody method can make a difference in your life.

Can I stop the coaching journey at any time?

Coaching is a commitment from both sides, but I understand that life circumstances can change. You are free to stop coaching at any time, however, to achieve maximum benefits, it is advisable to commit to an agreed path and discuss any decisions to change together.

How do group sessions work, and how can I join them?

Group sessions are structured to foster shared learning and collective growth. They are held periodically and include interactive activities and discussions. To join, you need to contact me to check availability and receive information about the next group being formed.

I heard that you offer pro bono or discounted group sessions for patients with Cat Eye Syndrome, their relatives, or people with disabilities?

Yes, I organize pro bono and/or price-reduced group sessions specifically designed for patients affected by Cat Eye Syndrome, their families, and for all people with disabilities who can benefit from coaching. These sessions are an expression of my commitment to the community and stem from my personal and professional experience in the field of volunteering and holistic wellness.

The sessions are structured to provide support, sharing, and practical strategies that can help improve quality of life, manage stress, and promote overall well-being. I am aware of the unique challenges that families and individuals face when living with a condition like Cat Eye Syndrome or other disabilities, and my goal is to offer a welcoming and supportive environment where everyone can feel heard, supported, and inspired to pursue their own well-being.

For more information on these sessions and to find out how to participate, I invite you to contact me directly. I am here to support you on your journey towards health and well-being.

Can I access additional resources during my coaching journey?

Absolutely. I provide a variety of additional resources which can include recommended readings, exercises, and access to online communities for peer support. These resources are designed to enrich your experience and support you between sessions.

How is my privacy protected during the coaching journey?

Your privacy is of utmost importance. All sessions and communications are treated with the strictest confidentiality. The details of our coaching agreement, including aspects of privacy and confidentiality, will be discussed and put in writing before starting the journey.

What are the next steps if I want to start HoloBody coaching?

If you are interested in starting your journey with the HoloBody method, the first step is to contact me to schedule an introductory session. In this meeting, we will assess your situation and discuss your goals to create a tailor-made path for you. From there, we will plan our sessions and begin the journey towards achieving your personal goals.

Remember, change starts with one step at a time, and I am here to guide you at every step along your path.