The Holobody Method
An Holistic Approach to Health

The essence of the HoloBody Method is based on the harmonization of the seven essential needs of the human being.
The pillars that support not only our physical structure but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.

My coaching sessions are designed to nourish every aspect of the self

The Seven Pillars of the Human Being

Physical Nourishment

Having all the necessary nutrients to meet our body’s needs goes beyond a simple diet. We will explore food choices more in tune with your body and your lifestyle.

Physical Activity

Our bodies have evolved to move constantly. Regular movement helps unlock and regenerate vital energy. We will find practices that reflect your passions and needs.

Restful Sleep

Adequate, regular, and high-quality deep sleep is essential for a clear mind and a resilient body.

Inner Peace

Our ability to withstand stress depends on our Inner Peace, which we will achieve through relaxation and mindfulness techniques.

Deep Connection

Because the human being is a social animal, and their well-being also derives from the relationships they form.

Synchrony with Nature

The physical body needs its environment (sunlight, gravity, etc.).


People who have a sense of purpose take better care of themselves.

how I work

My Packages


1:1 Customized Coaching


Through individual coaching, I will accompany you on a journey of discovering your hidden potential, both in person and online. This path is at the core of my approach: personalized, intimate, and deeply transformative. Together, we will explore your aspirations and tackle challenges, step by step, to guide you toward achieving your goals. It’s your safe space to grow, learn, and fully blossom in your uniqueness.


This path is perfect for you if:


The program is designed to provide support to SAP – Soft Addicted Persons – individuals trapped in a cycle of mild addictions, such as those related to smoking, sugar, alcohol, or compulsive eating. For those who have experienced bulimia, coaching can complement the therapeutic process by offering concrete strategies to manage crisis moments and improve self-acceptance. My methodology does not replace therapy but acts as a complement, a bridge between theory and daily practice.


The program is designed to guide clients on a transformative journey aimed at reducing inflammation in their bodies, achieving a lifestyle change for long-term health benefits.


The program is specifically designed to help clients achieve their best physical shape. Clients will receive coaching and guidance to get in shape and feel confident for any personal activity.

Group Coaching


Individual coaching is at the heart of my service, but group dynamics offer significant added value: the power of sharing and mutual support! In these sessions, the experiences of others become a source of inspiration and motivation, allowing each participant to benefit from a network of emotional and practical support.

You will experience the power of sharing and collective empathy, where personal experiences intertwine, becoming inspiration and strength for everyone. The group amplifies mutual support, democratizes access to coaching, builds emotional and practical bridges among participants, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Together, we grow and elevate ourselves towards personal and collective fulfillment.

This path is perfect for you if:

You seek inspiration and strength in mutual exchange

Group coaching provides the opportunity to share experiences and challenges, finding in the community a powerful catalyst for one’s personal development.

You desire a supportive and encouraging environment

By participating in a group, you will be surrounded by people who, like you, are committed to a path of growth, creating an environment of mutual support and understanding.

You want to deepen your growth in a collective context

You are ready to explore and surpass your limits in an environment that celebrates collective success and individual transformation.

Pro Bono Groups

In addition to standard groups, I offer a special opportunity for those facing specific challenges: pro bono or reduced-price group sessions dedicated to patients with Cat Eye Syndrome, their families, and all individuals with disabilities. These sessions are an expression of my personal commitment to those living complex life conditions and requiring additional support. In this context, group dynamics are enriched with an even deeper sense of humanity and solidarity, creating a space where sharing, understanding, and personal growth intertwine in a fabric of mutual support and collective enrichment. It is essential for me to offer everyone the opportunity to access coaching, regardless of their circumstances, because I firmly believe in the power of shared support and growth.

Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

My cooking classes will guide you on a culinary journey towards well-being. You will learn the basics of macrobiotic philosophy, the art of balancing foods, and cooking techniques that awaken the vital energy of ingredients. I will share delicious recipes and practical tips to organize your kitchen, transforming every meal into a moment of nourishment for your body, mind, and soul. This course is an invitation to celebrate the wisdom of nature through food, opening the door to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

This path is perfect for you if:

You want to explore healthy and natural cooking

You are interested in discovering how food can positively impact your health and overall well-being.

You are looking for a dietary change

You want to learn how to cook dishes that are not only tasty but also balanced and beneficial for your health.

You are passionate about cooking and well-being

You love cooking and want to expand your culinary skills with a holistic and natural approach to nutrition.

Corporate Groups:
Wellness as a Benefit


Transform the Health and Productivity of Your Employees

The health and well-being of employees are fundamental for the success of any company. HoloBody Corporate Groups offer a holistic growth and well-being path, perfect as a corporate benefit, following the example of innovative large companies like Google and Mindvalley itself.

Benefits for the Company:

Increase in Productivity

The physical and emotional well-being of employees is directly related to their productivity and creativity. A happy and healthy team is a more efficient team.

Reduction of Stress and Absenteeism

Holistic wellness practices help manage stress and reduce absences, improving the work environment and work-life balance.

Improvement of the Company Climate

A positive and supportive work environment strengthens employee loyalty and creates a sense of belonging.

Attraction and Retention of Talent

Companies that invest in the well-being of their employees are more attractive to high-level talents and have higher retention rates.

The HoloBody Program for Companies::

Customized Group Coaching Sessions

Tailored paths to develop key skills such as stress management, work-life balance, and self-improvement.

Workshops on Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle

Interactive lessons on adopting balanced nutrition and healthy life practices.

Team Building and Personal Development

Activities that strengthen team cohesion and promote the personal growth of each team member.

Continuous Monitoring and Support

An ongoing path to ensure the integration and duration of the benefits brought by coaching over time.



Inflammation Reduction

A significant reduction in inflammation levels, resulting in an overall improvement in health and well-being.


Lifestyle Changes

Clients will adopt healthier lifestyle habits and practices that contribute to reducing inflammation and an overall better state of health.


Long-Term Health

The program will provide clients with the knowledge and tools needed to maintain low levels of inflammation for long-term health benefits.


Healthy Eating

Clients will adopt a daily dietary plan aligned with their fitness goals.


Physical Transformation

They will achieve a more toned and fit physical shape, enabling them to confidently enjoy personal activities.


Increased Energy

The program aims to increase clients’ energy levels and overall vitality.



Immediate and Miraculous Solutions

The transformation journey requires commitment and time. Don’t expect drastic changes overnight, but rather gradual and sustainable progress.


Rigid and Restrictive Dieting

I do not promote extremely restrictive or joyless dietary regimes. My philosophy is based on balance and the joy of nourishing oneself in a healthy and mindful way.


Uniform Results for Everyone

Every person is unique, so results may vary. Experiences and transformations will be personal and in line with your individual specificities.


Replacement of Professional Medical Care

While my coaching offers many benefits, it does not replace professional medical advice and treatment, especially in the presence of specific health conditions.


Coach Dependency

Don’t expect to become dependent on coaching, but rather to acquire tools for self-efficacy.


Transformation Without Personal Commitment

Active involvement and commitment from you are necessary in the coaching process. Don’t expect results without actively participating.